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At the age of 44, I unexpectedly loss my high school sweetheart/husband in a motorcycle accident.
I was forced to figure out who I was after putting my existence in my daughter (who was 25 at the time) and my husband who I thought I would spend the rest of my life with. Through Tragedy, I found my Strength to walk in my Purpose! After losing my husband, I was more motivated to live my best life. Tomorrow is not promised for anyone, so it was my plan to leave this earth with no regrets, I started exercising more, traveling more and spending more time with family and friends. I created a bucket list and started doing things I would have never partook in such as jet skiing, parasailing, zip lining, went down a water slide, shooting a gun and the list goes on. I decided to stop procrastinating and letting fear rule my decision making. So I leaped out on faith and started the business. I have a love for all fashion so I used that passion and started Classy Chics Shoe Boutique on 10/1/2018. One year in, and I love what I do, and excited for my next!

My Advice

Have you ever tried to quit something but that something doesn't let you? Or do you have that inner voice that keeps telling you to go after your passion? if so, that's when you'll know it's time to do something about your calling.

My advice in regards to a loved one passing is to always remember that your loved one would want you to live your best life. Let that be your motivation to do any and everything that makes you smile. As we often learn, tomorrow is not promised!,


Shawna, thank-you for sharing your story. I can finally empathize with you with the passing of your loved one as my father just recently passed. It is not an easy thing to do, and so I can see how strong a woman you are as you were multi tasking with your family's loss and finding your passion with work. I'm encouraged by your strength and know others will be too! Keep fighting in your business. Thank you for sharing your story and let's get some more shoes sold! Gary Rogers

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Classy Chics Shoe Boutique


Classy Chics Shoe Boutique offers a wide variety of shoe options. However, each style comes in limited quantities, therefore minimizing the chance you will see your purchase on numerous people. Nothing feels better than stepping out in style knowing that you can uniquely be you!

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WOMEN, enjoy 10% off your entire purchase at
when using the code: CYG

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Kimberly Robinson says:

Shawna has been my closest and dearest friend for 35 years she’s more like a sister. Shawna possesses qualities that we all should strive for God fearing, authentic, kind, giving, generous, caring, and loving. She’s fought through an unexpected tragedy, and became a victor. God is truly directing her steps with a “Soulful Purpose”

Whitney Newton says:

Wow! A truly powerful story! Your determination and strength motivates me to move into my purpose – something I have avoided too long. I wish you continued success and many blessings!

VERONICA Applewhite says:

Shawna, your story really touched my heart and I’m sure it will touch others, Shawna you inspire me more than you ever know, you’re loving, giving,sincere and a pleasure to be around and your smile and presence light up any room. To know you is to love you. And we all know you love fashion and I love your style and your shoes.

Donna Wade says:

I met Shawna in mid 1998/99 by way of a mutual friend. She started as my hairstylist and quickly became a remarkable friend, of which I’ve tagged as my SHero.

I’ll never forget that call about her husband. We gathered at her Mom’s house after she returned from the hospital. To see her face, immediately broke my heart, but Shawna’s heart and life was shattered. However, and as my SHero stated, she knew she had to walk in her God-driven purpose, and she hasn’t stopped living her best life. I must say, she inspires me just being in her presence. Shawna is a gem and professional force to me reckoned with. She exudes professionalism, empathy, intellect, smarts and kindness to name a few….but most of all, she’s THE BEST person anyone associated with can be blessed to have in their life, or wearing their Tshirt in their absence.

I look forward to seeing her next BOSS moves. Watch out because they’re on the horizon, I’m sure. Keep soaring, Chica!! Keep soaring. D. Wade

Erica Ranford says:

Such an inspiration to me! Shawna has shown so much strength! Her daughter is a direct result of the amazing woman that she is. Shawna is always smiling and laughing. All while enjoying life! When I think about a business woman, awesome mother,a strong survivor, and an inspiration…I definitely put Shawna on that list!

Margo Brown says:

My comment to my sister. Keep the Faith and keep moving on pursing whatever avenue or journey that God has for you. Sometimes God send situations or people in our life to get us were we need to be. Nothing happens by coincidence. Our lives were predestined before we was conceived. Keep moving forward and and don’t let no one or nobody get in your way. Thank God that you heard his voice and answered his call. Love you Shawna


I worked with Shawna for years. She is such a beautiful person inside and out and has always been my best friend. We don’t talk much, but I know she is the one person I know will be in my corner. When she lost Tim, I was so hurt to know a great person like Shawna was going through so much pain. But GOD!!! As I was once locked, up she always wrote me encouraging words. When she was going through her pain, she told me she read a letter I had wrote her years ago that encouraged her. Now, how genuine is that????

Tia L Rochelle says:

Shawna: Thank you for sharing your powerful story and testimony with the world. I love how you not only share verbally your testimony, but you walk it out daily through your faith, lifestyle and actions. What stood out most to me is when you said, “Through Tragedy, I found my Strength to walk in my Purpose!” This is absolutely powerful. Through this you exemplify such strength and courage. 18 years ago, I lost my oldest daughter. The pain from this loss never goes away, but what you said is so true and comforting in knowing that she would want me to live my best life and to the fullest. Thank you, Shawna, for sharing your story. You are a blessed woman and I know that your husband is proudly smiling down on you and your family from heaven. xoxo, Tia Rochelle

Tamara James says:

Thank you so much for sharing your story. Through all of this you were able to push through and have allowed God to use you to help others. Please continue to be the loving, encouraging and strong woman that you are.

Michelangelo James says:

You are a true inspiration to me and a constant influence of positivity. You bring smiles and joy everywhere you go and it’s only fitting that you started a business that will encourage others to embrace opportunities for growth (and if they purchase any of your products they can look good while doing it). Your kindness is evident in your gorgeous smile and your sincerity will make it easy for anyone to see that purchasing from you they can expect quality and honesty. Keep knocking down walls. I love you.

Sharon white says:

To my friend of over 20 plus yrs you have always been a motivated woman. You always knew what you wanted and went for it. You have always been my inspiration. Your are a strong woman, but I dont think you ever really knew how strong, until these most recent years. Keep pushing and striving towards the mark of the high calling. God is not finished with you or your story. God always gives a test, so in the end there will be a testimony. Stay inspired, stay motivated, stay blessed and continue to give God all the glory. Love you my sista

Kim Hamilton says:

“CLASSY CHIC” that describes Shawna D.
Watching Shawna grow, evolve and “stride” into her purpose is inspiring and encouraging to every life she touches. Thank you for sharing your story and your glory. Your words of encouragement are not in vain. As always you have my continued support and love.

Nancy says:

Shawna. It’s been a long journey, but YOU stayed the course, even when you wanted to give up. You trusted in God when you had so many questions and doubts. I watched you grow and grow and grow and not without setbacks, that made you go deeper into trusting and holding on to FAITH. You learned to take care of your temple and allowed yourself to find happiness again in spite of the pain. You put God first and sought him before you made decisions and then you waited patiently for the answer. Intimacy with God brings forth confirmation from people we never imagine and that’s the beauty of who HE placed in your life for such a time. Continue to shine and grind my sista. Love you-Nancy

Meka Batchelor says:

Such a warm and inspirational story! What a blessing to know that every test is followed by a testimony! Keep shinning your light and living your dream! Continued blessings, siStar!!

Shawn says:

I absolutely love your strength in continuing to Live your Best Life in spite of your loss. Your story truly inspires me and I believe it has/will help someone else get thru difficult times and step out on Faith.

Sharon Hampton says:

I met Shawna almost 20 years ago when she was a beautician and owned her own beauty shop. I was going to someone else at the time, but always admired her work ethic & style. She became my beautician, but more than that she became a friend. We got to share quite a bit over the years (some good & some bad) and although she’s no longer a stylist & we don’t get to talk as much I still consider her a friend I can turn to. What I do know about Shawna is she’s a compassionate person who works hard & takes care of her business, she loves her family dearly & spending time with them. She’s disciplined (hence those 5am workouts🙄), dedicated & likes to have fun & shop! On top of all that – she’s my birthday twin😊! I’m so happy & enjoy seeing her living life to its fullest, but most of all seeing her spiritual growth – she has turned her tragedy into triumph & I’m enjoying the story as it unfolds! I pray God’s continued blessings over her, her family & her new business venture.

Erron says:

Shawna’s story is testament to triumph in light of tragedy. She is an inspiration to anyone who has suffered a loss and found a way to make their mark in this world. She is a compassionate person and gives of herself wholeheartedly. I am blessed to know her and have shared in her journey. On a side note, her shoes are fire!

Jennifer says:

Shawna – your life, your spirit and your testimony are an inspiration to many. While I’ve known you now for 2+ decades, your growth has been nothing short of amazing to witness. I recall when your daughter was in high school and how you poured into her, pushing her to believe in herself and to never set boundaries on what she could achieve. The same with your marriage; pouring into it every ounce of your existence —ensuring that at the end of the day you were and would always be the wife/best friend that the foundation of marriage was founded and should exist.

It was after you lost your husband however that I began to see your wings sprout and develop into full on Pegasus-grade beauty. You rightfully began pouring into YOU, just as you’d relentlessly poured into others, and the kind, gracious, limitless giver of her self, her time and her energy emerged as an undeniable light for others to model behind. Your kindness, your giving, your grace all magnified as you came into your YOU. I’m simply grateful that what turned out as a friend of a friend associative relationship turned instead into a sisterhood between two tragedy stricken women compelled to greatness.

Keep pushing, inspiring, living and growing and know that until the end of time – I’ll be there cheering you on!!

Kathy Wilson-Millsaps says:

Awesome Shawna; I’m so proud of you – through it all. It has to be God’s strength that makes you strong and with that being said; you are encouraging me to journey on even through the storms…….❤️🙏🏾❤️ “We walk by faith and not by sight”

Amanda says:

Shawna is my friend and co-worker. She is driven and always a pleasure to be around! She has an amazing, generous heart and one of the kindest people I know.
She’s an inspiration for sure!

PS Davis says:

My best friend, my motivator, my encourager, and best of all my MOTHER. I’ve fortunately been through most of her toughest times by her side and I can say that she’s motivated me to the best mother and woman I can! She has a gift of SHOWING you the way instead of telling you. She’s accomplished every mission and some with little to no recognition. What I love most about her is that her name and resolution speaks for itself….her smile lights up a room, her presence brings peace and her spirit is something that follows you! She’s the best Main Lady ever ❤️

Kimberly says:

You’re amazing I remember when Devan and I saw you months after.And I was so amazed at your strength not realizing that I would encounter the same situation 2 years later. You came to my house and just embraced me, you sat with me and offered me encouragement. I will never forget that! I’m proud of you Sis!