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“Susan Louise Gabriel is a Christian, an author, a survivor of a broken judicial system that took her 7 year old daughter from her and her new husband on false accusations of child molestation. Susan fought for three years to get her daughter back, and finally won in court with jury members in tears over the injustice of a system put in place to protect children, but instead tore this family apart.. Susan’s book, The Wheels of Injustice reads like a novel with the ins and outs of what she and her family went through to get her daughter back. She is a beautiful soul and her story needs to be heard. I am so happy to nominate her to share her story on Check Your Game!” Darci Steiner

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Susan, congrats on being nominated to be a part of Check Your Game. You are welcome to click the link above to begin the process in order to share your story or set up a time for a zoom/phone call with any questions. Our business has transitioned a few times with stories, but currently we ask for faith stories only. We made this decision recently and are so excited to glorify God and share how He has transformed our lives. If you would, we just ask that you pray about whether or not to share your story on our site. Thanks, Gary

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