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Growing up, it was incredibly difficult to find my own identity. Whether that was in the church, as a visible minority in a foreign country, feeling like a minority in my own country that I had no familiarity with, moving around so much that I didn’t know where was home. Also, as a pastor’s & missionary’s kid, I couldn’t find many people to resonate with even to this day. Especially worse when the church started to push back against my father’s leadership as the shepherd of the flock, they started attacking us the children. Accusations of stealing from offering bags, among other things. This tainted my view of what church was and thus began a self-discovery prodigal journey. I ventured out on my own doing all the things I was told I shouldn’t. Luckily for me, and probably by God’s design, I always wanted to be in law enforcement. Thus, meant that I couldn’t veer too far. Eventually, I made my way back. I found that God had never left my side and even in those tumultuous days, he was looking out for me even when the things I was involved in would be things he’d turn his back on. No matter where I went, I couldn’t run away from my name (Lover of God or Friend of God). More recently, did a tremendous of internal work including identity, strengths, gifts, and mental reprogramming, to shine a light in all the darkest areas of my existence and uncover who God ultimately created me to be. Everything I now see, the beauty of his creation, and the amazing level of thought he gave into making me who I am today. It makes me want to help others in their own discovery and maximize who they were created to be.

The first video below is a 2 minute teaser with the full video below it with minute markers.

0:00 Gary introduces Theo and he shares some of his background (1st generation Canadian)

2:30 Gary shares about what Check Your Game does

Just a fun pic of Theo and his polar bear plunge

4:10 Theo shares  about his upbringing/family

5:10 Finding his Identity

6:15 Attended Church through his Mom’s McDonald’s breakfast bribe

7:00 Prodigal son journey (along with his brother)

8:15 Gary asks Theo, “did those shiny things in your life give any lasting high?”

10:00 Gary asks about any defining moments in order to make changes.

13:00 Working with kids- Moving to China & starting a Chinese Young Life version for 7 years

Students Theo worked with as a local Young Life member- 3 of his volunteer leaders

15:15 The Texas kids who came over to China- gave him unconditional love/Identity being uncovered

One of Theo’s summer camps

16:00 Gary asks about characteristics/traits of others accepting Theo (Contrast of 2 groups of people)

19:00 Gary talks about “open” and one of the characteristics the Texan kids had

21:50 Gary asks Theo to give his younger self advice- God will meet you in your place, Don’t run away from who you are, embrace your journey, understand who God made you to be

26:05 Theo talks about his work as a Transformational Coach plus contact information

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We are all created special and unique. Our job on this planet is to uncover God's intended purpose for us and love others by giving the best of ourselves to others. Until I stopped running away from it, embraced, and started looking inwards did I find God waiting for me the entire time within.

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I bring God into the equation when I can and specialize in a transformational (from the inside out) capacity. Coaching is a mastered art of drawing out the best in others, holding space through unconditional love and heart-to-heart listening, and compassionate accountability. God has created me in such a way that I shine in all of these areas and subtly in others.

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Anyone looking to uncover who God created them to be and unlock their full potential from the inside out to utmost fulfillment for God's kingdom. I always err on the side of coaching from experience hence I pioneer the way by first doing it in my own life. I love tackling false ideologies, beliefs, mindset blocks, and any internal barriers that keep someone from living life to the fullest.

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Peggy Bodde says:

Great interview! I so relate to the feeling of being on the outside looking in and not knowing where I fit in. Really enjoyed your story, Theophilus.