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When I was in high school, I thought I had my future and career all figured out. I desperately wanted to be the “it” girl reporting the news and set my sights high on becoming the next Connie Chung. I worked hard to develop my craft often interviewing students at my high school’s news station RMTV, emceeing sporting events and track meets, making the morning announcements over the intercom, anything I could do to get in front of a camera or microphone. It was my calling. After graduating, I went on to attend ASU’s prestigious Walter Cronkite School of Communications known for their broadcast journalism. I interned at the university radio station and slowly started to have a change of heart, but I was still determined this was my chosen career path.

One day in class my senior year, our professor brought in a guest speaker and it completely changed the trajectory of my life and my story or as you put it, the “check engine” light came on. Rather than glorify the industry and tell students how wonderful it is, she opted to tell us straight – something I respect and admire.

Within an hour of her sharing how cutthroat the industry is, how we’re judged not by our work and talents but more so by our appearance, how we’d sacrifice family for breaking news, and how we’d start off in some podunk town to get our start, I knew THIS was not for me and my dream of becoming the next Connie Chung quickly vanished.

While I completed my degree in broadcast journalism, I opted for another path while I had the chance and received a minor in business with an emphasis in marketing/advertising. After graduating college in 2001, I worked for a couple of ad agencies and decided that my bigger dream was in working for myself. In 2004, I launched my first company Simply Put Marketing, and a few other businesses after doing what I LOVE, not sacrificing my family for stardom, not being under public scrutiny and sharing the news I wanted to – not the negative garbage we see daily.

Tisha interviewing her SoS panel at Social Connect PHX event.

I was intentional about my life and how I wanted to live and lead it putting my family, faith and health first – something my other path wouldn’t have allowed me to. Although my “plan” didn’t work out as I thought it would way back in my high school days, I’d say it worked out even better.

Tisha in the studio recording the Success over Struggle Podcast.

Because of being an entrepreneur, I’ve actually been featured countless times on numerous TV stations, newspapers, blogs and articles, host my own podcast Success over Struggle interviewing people I want to learn more about, and create weekly video series that people are engaged with. It truly is the path I was meant to be on, and the best part? I’m still using all the skills I paid for with my ASU tuition and receiving countless opportunities being my OWN BOSS!

And the girl who wanted to report the news? She BECAME the news. How’s that for coming full circle? 🙂

My Advice

Here's my point in sharing this story. YOU ARE IN CONTROL of your life, your destiny, your happiness, your attitude...all of it. Your plans can always change if you're not happy or fulfilled. Pivoting is not a bad thing! We all do it. Make sure you do, too. You'll live a much happier life when you decide what the right move is for you!


Tisha, I was thinking about your story last night and it got me thinking how there are so many people that are finishing their "Senior Year" while going through life, but afraid to pull the plug. I get it. It can be really scary because of finances, a comfort thing or many other reasons but if it is not the right fit, it just doesn't seem worth the sacrifice. You made that bold move a long time ago and as I've gotten to know you a bit through Zoom calls, watching you with your live events each Friday on Linkedin or with the Happy Neighborhood Project that you are a part of, I know you are in your element and do a Great Job! Oh, and I love that you have given a shout out to Check Your Game too. Thank-you for sharing your Check Your Game moment from a time in your past and advice for others. I know it will be appreciated and others will be encouraged by your story.....Gary Rogers

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Tisha Marie Enterprises, LLC

Business Consulting

Tisha Marie Enterprises helps entrepreneurs get started and level up their brand to stand out and make an impact through business mentoring, speaking, podcasting, online courses and live events. What makes TME different? We truly care about our clients and walk hand-in-hand with them through the process to find their success! We also provide a Startup Business Grant annually on September 15 (Tisha's birthday) to another startup to launch their brilliance into the world.

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Startups who need mentoring, support and inspiration and entrepreneurs in very saturated industries who are stuck in their business and realize they need a personal brand.

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Stacey says:

Love this story! It is so important to understand that the path we think we are on, the goal we intend to reach, the PLAN we have for our lives may change over time—in Tisha’s case, in one Speaker’s Presentation!
I love her use of the word “pivot”—it is powerful and shares an image of possibility! All of her training, classes, etc were needed to get her to where she is now!
Love the heart & truth of this story!

Such a great story, Tisha! Thanks for sharing your journey and that life can turn out much better than we plan sometimes.

Anya Warda says:

Tisha, what an inspiring story! I am so glad for people like you and grateful that you shared your story, because it proves that dreams can become goals and goals are possible to accomplish!

Thank you Gary for giving us an example of a Person that followed their passion and made their dreams come true while upholding their values.

Sandy says:

Tish, Loved your story. I could visualize you on your journey when I read this sentence: the girl who wanted to report the news, became the news.
Thanks for sharing.

Kristin Nelson says:

Tisha, I absolutely loved reading about your “check your game” moment. I also appreciated the guest speaker’s honesty and transparency with a bunch of young minds that helped influence a big decision in your life. Because you didn’t want to sacrifice yourself, your faith, or your family for a career, making a pivot was necessary. Thank you so much for sharing and thank you Gary for the wonderful platform!!!

Joe says:

Fantastic story! A real encouragement to others who may see the need to pivot and are scared to move!

Thank you for sharing your story Tisha and thank you for continuing to inspire and support the next generation of entrepreneurs and founders.

Jeremy Jamison says:

Tisha, thank you so much for sharing your story. Congratulations on “taking control” to put yourself on the path that you were meant to be on! So many people confuse difficult situations with defeat, give up and ultimately fall short of the success they were striving to achieve. Great job!


Tisha,is a beautiful moving train that never ceases to amaze me…

I am proud to have crossed paths with this multi talented lady that is passionately inspiring and motivating people globally…