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In 2003 I was in the middle of a horrible divorce that I did not initiate or want. After 29 years of marriage my wife decided to leave and start a new life. Divorce was never an option for me and I was a deer in the headlights. I quickly discovered that if one person wanted it bad enough there was nothing the other could do to stop it. Our kids were young adults, the youngest having just graduated from high school. I had great support from friends, my church and my employer, all of which I am so grateful for. But the sense of loss, disorientation, fear of the present and fear of the future, fear of my finances was more than I could ever explain. There was one five minute period that seemed to last for hours. I would get into my car and drive aimlessly to kill time. I couldn’t sleep well and had repeated terrible dreams, nightmares! I desperately needed the support of people (which I had) but I equally did not want to be around anyone.

Before all of this transpired, my wife and I decided to move out of the large old home where our kids grew up into a smaller empty nester home that we helped design and had built. On top of the normal dilemmas of divorce with her gone, I was building a home with the implicit endless decisions. It became apparent quickly that upon completion that I would move into the home, alone, and would have to sell it as part of the settlement. With the help of wonderful and loyal friends on a hot and humid Saturday in August of 2003, I moved into my brand new custom built home. What should have been the best of times was a sober and sad day.

That evening, exhausted and alone in my house I noticed a bee flying around – in the house. Within minutes there were hundreds of bees buzzing around the first floor – everywhere! I was stunned and clueless about what to do – and really afraid!! I certainly couldn’t sleep in that house with all of those bees. All of this happened as dusk approached and at sundown all of those bees settled to the carpet and went to sleep. Every single one of them. My weird experience got even more weird. I took out the vacuum sweeper and swept them up. The next day I called an exterminator who came out and told me that bees had built a hive inside an open wall during construction and they bored out.

Minutes after I swept up the bees I sat down exhausted to read the scriptures, which I was doing daily before bed. I was reading through Psalms which provided me with great comfort during those difficult days. That evening I read Psalm 118. Here are verses 10-14. “All of the nations surrounded me. but in the name of the Lord I cut them off. They surrounded me on every side, but in the name of the Lord I cut them off. They swarmed around me like bees, but they died as quickly as burning thorns; in the name of the Lord I cut them off. I was pushed back and about to fall, but the Lord helped me. The Lord is my strength and my song. he has become my salvation.” I did not seek out “the bee chapter” for comfort after my experience that evening. I did not know it was there. Psalm 118 was just the next chapter to read after reading Psalm 117 the evening before. God’s absolutely perfect timing had me in Psalm 118, that evening, minutes after the bee incident in my house. Chaos, turmoil and evil swirled around me, surrounded me and even engulfed me during that unwanted divorce. At times I was paralyzed by fear, but our precious Lord gave me the most vivid of illustrations of his tender mercy, his protection and His love. At the absolute PERFECT time. Amazing!!

My Advice

The best lesson I learned is that when we face a crisis that feels like a tsunami, Jesus Christ is with us, closer than our breath. The Bible says Fear Not 365 times. Obviously we are slow learners. I require constant reminders of His presence and protection. Don’t let our feelings mislead us. If we feel rotten and have had terrible misfortune that does not mean God is far away. He specializes in those times when we are desperate for His care. He loves to be trusted!

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Tom, what a story! I can’t believe that you were swarmed by bees the day you moved into your house, and to open the bible and read that scripture is incredible—no, it is GOD! HIS ways are not our ways!
The “unexpected” event or circumstance can come upon us like a “swarm of bees”, but God is there to protect us from the “stings”.
I appreciate your story. It is one that I will always remember!

Peggy Bodde says:

Thank you, Tom, for this incredible story! I love how specific God is with every detail. The passage you read was perfect and I could see God saying, “I see you, Tom. I’m with you.”

I’m sorry for your loss, Tom. But you have learned strength in time of adversity. You saw God working right where you needed Him. And now you can use your experience to help others. Thank you for a powerful story.

Val Smith says:

Thank you Tom, I can relate to that sense of bewilderment after divorce. He comes through for us in such a personal way that increases our faith in our loving Father!
God Bless you Tom 🙏😊

What a powerful story of God’s protection. He is always on time. I can relate to His word becoming rhema during a tough time. Thankfully restoration was my portion, but I can relate to the pain of marital trauma when it comes to being separated from the one you love. Thank God for healing, grace, and mercy. May His balm of Gilead continue to rest upon you.

Billy Southerland says:


It is hard for me to put into words what you mean to me. You are my spiritual father , I am but one of many our Lord has used you to lead to His Kingdom. The aroma of Christ fills the room when you walk into it. I treasure your friendship and Gods kindness in bringing you into our life. I am so proud of you and so thankful for the mercy our Father shows us especially in the worst of times ! What a beautiful image He gave you with the bees in your home and then the scripture in Psalm 118. I love you Tom. Thank you for reminding us all of His unending mercy , grace amd perfect Love.

What an amazing story of how God speaks to us when we seek him. I love the quote “He specializes in those times when we are desperate for his care.” Inspiring story- thank you for sharing this!

Bruce Pulver says:

Tom, Your commitment to follow the Lord on this unexpected and unwanted life change is such an amazing example of faith. Thank you for sharing your journey so openly.

Bret Meyer says:

Thank you for sharing, Tom. Again, good timing. A former co-worker of mine “had to” file for divorce yesterday….after more than 40 years of marriage. Makes no sense. But it happens. As reminded in my devotions this morning, I don’t believe God makes, or wants bad things to happen to us. But he knows they will and they do. He does, however, promise to be with us and guide us through those bad times.
As I read your story, I was thinking of what kind of encouragement I could text to this former co-worker. I think Psalms 118: 10-14 will be a good scripture reference to include. Thank you again for sharing.

Debby says:

Good day Tom

I got married very young, but fell pregnant 5 years later. Never one to have wanted children, it was a huge shock to learn I was pregnant. Very much to my dismay, I literally cried anytime, as someone congratulated me. For two weeks. There you have it. My “mistake” turned into my biggest blessing and success story. But, goodness, I prayed every night, for me to be a good Mom and for a healthy girl with red hair and green eyes. I know that God gave me the gift of a lifetime. Everything after that, was just something to looking forward to the next, new chapter. You have no idea when you hear the ‘clique’, a new beginning. It is true. And God gave me a beautiful redhead with green eyes. I am so blessed and forever grateful.

Kristin Nelson says:

Thank you so much for sharing! Thank you for trusting in the Lord and being the “Word” that moved into the neighborhood! As I read through your “checkyourgame”moment I was fighting back tears while gently smiling at the same time. This showed how much you leaned on Christ! Despite your pain you continued to praise His name!! What a beautiful signature from God that He presented a vivid illustration of His mercy, protection, and His unconditional LOVE for YOU!!! Thank you for setting a Christ like example for others to follow! It is a true pleasure to worship and learn from you each week at servant leadership!!!

Gary Rogers says:

Tom, I think it’s amazing how God showed up for you and many of us in His own special way to let us know that He is there for us. So sorry that you had to experience some of those things you shared, but God will work those things out for His plans and we both know that those are the best plans! I’m thankful for your story and thankful I get a chance to get to know you better through Bible Study. I hope you’ve enjoyed the process we’ve take you on so far. Just know that your story and life lessons will always be around to impact and encourage, even when you or I aren’t around! Thanks again Tom!

What a wonderful testimony about God’s timing and the power of God’s Word, a living and active sword, to cut through our despair at specific point when we need it most and are seeking God. God bless you and your ministry.

Dave Berens says:

Great story Tom. Hope everything worked out for the best and things continue to get better.

JodiLaBelle says:

Tom, sometimes what we think is good in life What you thought was good was not God plan. He has has something greater planned for you. You would be surprised how many people stays in bad relationships, also jobs , because of fear. Gary is awesome, my story begins with a bug called a hornet 🐝. The bee family symbolizes strength, Wisdom, that comes from God. He always make a way for his little children. It’s his timing, his era. I invite you to read my story from the heart ❤️ of a child. Grateful Jodi LaBelle

I love how the Lord calmed the bees in your story to remind you He is God of all. Not only that, your Bible reading directed you to Psalm 118 right in time. Isn’t God’s Word sweet like honey, brightening our eyes and providing sustenance when and where we need it most?