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Dec 2015 was a time in my life that My Father showed me His Love ran deep. I was finding out again about the husband’s on going affair. I was so upset and hurt from his behavior. I reacted by slapping him and that got me put in a place I never wanted to be after telling the police the truth. Do you know that God used me while I was in there for 4 days?

Yes He sure did. Showing Love and mercy to others in the jail. Helping a lady with her issue and ministering to others. My Father shows us even in our darkest, deepest hours His Love conquers all. His plans are never ever ours. His are so much better and greater.

Trailer Video Interview (3:57)- In both the trailer and full interview, the focus of Tonni’s story begins from many years ago when she had an abortion!

Full Interview (16:58)

My Advice

Keep on keeping on. Never give up. You're stronger than you think. His plans are great and great for you.

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Tonni Lea

Author, Speaker, Teacher, Minister, Coach, TV Host, Healing Broken Women

Women who have suffered a loss, grieving, recovering, healing, broken, wanting to be made whole again.

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Thank you for giving God your “yes” and vulnerably sharing your story. It’s an encouraging reminder that God brings victory and purpose from the most difficult things when we align with Him.

Amy Joob says:

I am inspired by your story Tonni! “It’s not my story to keep, it’s His story to share!” Thank you for inspiring us with all that God has done in & through your life!❤️🙌🏻