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It was 2009 and my life was ticking along nicely. I was working 40-50hrs a week as a Nurse. Then breast cancer struck. The whole deal, three surgeries, Chemo and Radiotherapy.  The treatment pulled me out of work for 15 months. Even though it was a rough time, I felt blessed in many ways, closer relationships with my family and friends, making new friends who were also going through similar treatment and a chance to slow down and take stock of my life.  My biggest challenge was finances. In the UK if you rent a property the government will step in and help you. If you have a mortgage they won’t, you’re on your own.  I came out of a traditional marriage when I divorced in 2006. My husband took care of all the bill payments and was an avid DIY man around the house. I was good at neither one. I was afraid of this new season in my life, I felt ill equipped to ‘go it alone.’ I prayed hard for a house that was newly renovated, bills I could manage, and “If it wasn’t too much trouble, another nice view, similar to the one I had with the house I was being wrenched from.” I got it all!

I was so happy; my new home had a loft room which I gave to God. I was able to house many a wounded soul. So, I was loathe to let it be taken from me during treatment. During this time, God gave me a scripture: Isaiah 41:10 ‘Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.’ Standing on the firm belief that this was the house God gave me, I looked for a solution to my financial problem. I made the decision to rent out a couple of rooms in my house whilst keeping a roof over my teenage son’s head. I enjoyed the experience of housing new people with interesting life stories whilst affording to pay my mortgage and bills. I never felt alone in the battle with Cancer, it strengthened my relationship with God, he was my partner – I did my bit, he did his. So, when breast cancer returned in 2019, I wasn’t fearful. I knew God would come through for me. He did; I’m here to tell the tale and I’m still in my lovely house.

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God is in the business of building us up. No matter what we are going through in life He is in it with us, doing it HIS way. Our part is to stand in faith, stand on the promises of God and remind ourselves how he came through for us before, is the reassurance he will come through for us again.

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This book is for those who want to experience a closer, personal relationship with God and discover his love and concern in your daily life and how he wants our authenticity, warts and all!

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Debby says:

Brilliant Valerie. In what ever situation I find myself in, in moments of doubt, worry, fear, uncertainty, I seriously take a day “off.” I don’t do anything, have a pajama day, cry all day, about things that doesn’t even exists, then have a bubble bath, glass of wine, go to sleep (still feeling “lost”) and then, I am back with a bang. I know that, those moments, I have not paid enough attention to me = I want to talk to God. Life is so great when we realise, without Him in our life, we are nothing. And He does love us so very much. He gave me a great sense of humour. He is so good to us all the time. He is with us all the time. Even if it means crying all day, too “see” Him again and say thank you God. I wish you all the best.

Val Smith says:

Thank you Debby, yes, we need those ‘me’ days, I’m learning to have more of those and just ‘be’ I give myself permission to use it exactly as I want and not feel guilty!
God Bless

“I did my bit, He did His.” This statement alone is SO powerful! It is important to know that we do have to do our part–trusting HIM and stay out of HIS way for doing HIS! Your story is one of courage, trust, love, connection, & God’s favor. I love the title of your book, Heart to Heart with God.

Val Smith says:

Thank you Stacey. God bless x

Jim Barber says:

Thank you for your testimony. I lost my wife to breast cancer 5 years ago. Jeremiah 29:11 is a verse that encourages me. Continue to go deeper in His Word, surrender and finish strong. That is the challenge my wife gave the pastor to give at her celebration of life service before she passed. God bless you.


Val Smith says:

Thank you Jim. I’ve left a comment on your check your game story. God bless

Peggy says:

Beautiful story, Valerie, and I love how you describe God as your partner: “I did my bit, he did his.”Thank you for the powerful reminder that God is always with us and always working for us!

Val Smith says:

Thank you Peggy. God bless x

Valerie, I know you’re living in a wonderful state of health, peace & joy. I love stories of faith, resilience & resourcefulness. BTW, this quote truly made me smile…”I wasn’t fearful. I knew God would come through for me. He did; I’m here to tell the tale and I’m still in my lovely house.” Thank you for sharing your story.

This is such a great story, and so relavent to those who continue to struggle with finances, health and relationships. God isn’t just beyond the trials; God is with us right in and through them. Blessings on you.

Allan says:

Hi Valerie, you are a warrior and God loves the way you fight back because you (and I) believe that it’s God’s strength we rely upon in all our challenges: Zechariah 4:6…not by might nor by power but by My Spirit” Says the LORD of hosts. May our loving Creator, God and Master continue to guide and bless you through every every step of your life and may you be a source of encouragement to others around you. God bless. Allan & Sandra.India. (

Val Smith says:

Thank you Alan for your kind words and encouragement.
Of myself I am weak but in Gods strength I can do anything.
I have to remind myself of this often.
God bless you and your family 🙏😊

Gary Rogers says:

Val, I just wanted to say thanks again for sharing your story. I’m so encouraged that you give God the glory and amazed how stories of faith are so powerful for others to be encouraged with as well. Lastly, I just love the verse you shared. What’s more powerful than God’s words! Thank you again for your story and your friendship. I look forward to staying in touch.

Tony kelly says:


The power of the lord.

We trust in him to bring us through any kind of adversity.

God bless Val

Val Smith says:

Thank you for leaving a comment Tony.
Yes, can only do any of this in Gods strength.
God bless you, your family and your work in helping others 😊