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PLEASE READ:  After Check Your Game finished a recorded video interview with Wendell White, we then created a written version of his Check Your Game moment that you can read below.   For details that led to this climax, please watch the video along with minute markers for your convenience.  Lastly, if you want to encourage him, please share your comments in the section below his business card, and when you do, we will connect you both to each other via Linkedin, messenger or email.  If you don’t want to connect, just put in initials of your name.  Also be sure to reach out to him, connect, buy his book or hire him to speak to your group in person or over zoom.

Wendell’s Check Your Game moment recap:  In 2014, Wendell was probably at one of the lowest places in his life.  During this 6 month stretch, he had gone through $300,000 and didn’t even know where it went.  It just disappeared and he found himself flat broke.  Besides the financial loss, he also had a break up with his girlfriend after he was caught cheating with 4 or 5 girls at the time.  After bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars, acquiring cars, chasing women and going after all the highs of life, he was about to face an alternative he hadn’t seen before.  Where he once was the “man” in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, he now had nothing to give to others so most of his so called friends left him.  He then fell into a deep depression.  It was a rough time in his life and was dealing with it alone. After being in and out of the hospital because of his depression along with taking meds to help control it, he started to get back on his feet after a few months had passed.  Things started to normalize.  He spent less time thinking about money and drugs and tried to focus on his kids and just survival. He really felt that he needed to be a better Dad to them.  Then, something told Wendell to reach out to his old girlfriend.  He learned that she too was going through some tough times and things she wasn’t proud of either. She asked Wendell, “do you want to go to church with me?” He agreed and they both ended up going to Unity Gospel House of Prayer in Wisconsin. Even though he was beginning to make changes and attended Church this particular day, he still was on his phone making drug deals.  He didn’t believe in church because of some previous experiences with the Church as well as pastors.  He felt that pastors were always ripping people off.  Though Wendell had a little bit of reluctance, his old girlfriend asked him to attend the following week.  It was the young pastor who was a younger man in his 30’s that Wendell liked and decided to say yes again for week #2.  Would this be the start of the changes that he and his girlfriend needed, or was this just a short break from his expertise as a drug dealer where he used to gross close to $200,000 each week?  The next week comes quickly and on June 29th, 2014 both Wendell and his old girlfriend are eager to hear the young pastor speak.  Something got Wendell that day as this pastor began to talk about his family and his brother who was doing close to 200 years for jail.  He was serving 2 life terms and a lot of years for drugs/murders, etc in Milwaukee. Because Milwaukee wasn’t Wendell’s old stomping grounds, he knew nothing about this guy, but what he did realize, was that this pastor could relate to him.  The pastor didn’t seem like the other Christians that Wendell met and told him how he was going to Hell. This guy was different.  He was relatable. There was an urge for him to talk to this man. The Pastor continues with his sermon and says, “if you want to give your life to Christ, this is your time.”  Though there were like 3000 in the Church which made Wendell nervous, he then tapped his old girlfriend on the leg and said, “I’m about to get saved.” She said, “if you get saved, I’m going to get saved.”  All of the things that happened in Wendell’s life flashed before him.  He thought to himself how he had tried everything.  He sold every drug under the moon, made lots of money and chased after women; but he never gave Jesus a try!  So, on June 29th, 2014 Wendell and his girlfriend (now wife) gave God his heart. He said, “I don’t know nothing about you God and all of this is new, but I need your help.”  That’s what he did that day and has been living for Him ever since.

Minute Markers for your convenience- click on the gearbox after you hit Play (to the left of  the words “YouTube) and then click subtitles if you’d like to read along

00:40               Introduction to Wendell growing up in south side of Chicago

02:03               Wendell- Nominated by Darci Steiner through the Check Your Game process


03:42               Gary and Wendell discuss the Parable of the Lost Sheep in Luke 15:1

08:04.             Wendell was listening to his spirit- raise up a child in the way he/she should go.

09:27- 12:30  About Wendell’s Mom/family/drugs/bad choices

12:31-13:30    You get to see the brutality of being in the drug scene

13:48               Wendell’s book, “The Devil Thought he had me”

33:55               Advice on staying away from our struggles

36:49.             Advice on how God can help with our struggles

37:14-39-45  Giving God 30 days (He wants to be your refuge)

39:44              How to connect with Wendell or see his business card below

40:31.             Gary shares how YOU can share your story on our platform

41:10              Wendell’s last words he felt from the Spirit: Don’t judge, love & be kind!

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My Advice

I love you, you can do it, God is with you and all you have to do is to reach out your hand and ask god . God can do all things. As a person who chased after things and had a lot of money, cars and women I didn’t have peace with it. My whole life was a lie. I’d encourage those who don’t know God. God has peace for you. If you’re trying to get out of the storms God wants to be your umbrella of protection. If you’re looking for Peace, and tired of your normal being chaotic, try God. Give him 30 days and if you sincerely put your heart into it, I bet you’ll never turn back around. Be dedicated! Your life will never be the same. I may not have the money, cars etc. but money can’t buy peace and I have a lot of that. God wants us to love others. Be kind and love others and open up your arms to others. Don’t have a hardened heart to help others.

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Thank you for sharing your powerful testimony Wendell. I loved when you said, “I’m going to give God a try.” And you did, and now your speaking God’s truths. I also loved when you said, “I’m not willing to give my peace away.” Amen. Peace has no price. It’s not worth giving it away to money or anything else. I loved hearing your story. God bless your speaking ministry and getting your message out through your book. I’m so glad God reached out and saved you from your past. Truly he is the good Shepherd!

Blake Southerland says:

Thank you Wendell for sharing your story, for pointing it back to God, and for leaving room for the Spirit to talk. Thank you for making this possible G. Praise the Lord!

Peggy says:

What an incredible story! Thank you, Wendell, not only for sharing your story but for living out hope and using what you’ve gone through to help and encourage others. You’re the real deal, and I’m grateful for you! Keep shining.