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Wendell White is a Mentee, Mentor, Motivational Speaker and an Author. I want to thank Wendell for the ways he serves the youth by mentoring boys that are fatherless. I listened to one of his YouTube videos about these boys who don’t have a father, look up to sports figures and want to become like them. His conviction is, our kids should want to be like us—like their parent. Wendell tries to fill the gap through his mentee program. He was raised on the Southside of Chicago, in poverty stricken Englewood. Wendell made some bad choices and found himself kidnapped, beaten and left for dead. All he could think about was his toddler son. God saved him. His story is shared through motivational speaking and in his book, The Devil Thought He Had Me. Wendell loves God. His faith has taken him down a different path—one of healing and the healing of others. He is giving his life to make other’s better. I respect this man, and so nominate him to be on the Check Your Game platform and to share his story as well as a zoom video/podcast.

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