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Ten years ago I became a quadruple amputee. Since then, I have learned new ways to do everyday activities, by tweaking and adapting old methods to regain my independence and create an exceptional life.

I became a mom 28 years ago. Since then, I built several businesses from home around raising our 3 kids. Life was busy, but good. I loved working from home during the daytime and caring for my family and running the kids around to their activities in the evening.

One night 10 years ago, during one of those activities, I noticed an unusual swelling on my leg. The next day I was flat on my back in bed with what I thought was the flu. Two days later, when I was unable to get myself from the bed to the restroom, my husband convinced me it was time to go to the hospital. Once there, the last thing I remember was the doctor putting an oxygen mask on my face.

For the next 3 weeks I was in a medically-induced coma. Doctors informed my husband and kids that I had less than a 1% chance of survival. I had contracted necrotizing fasciitis, which is a fast-moving, flesh-eating bacterial infection. That swelling on my leg was the bacteria growing in my body.

My husband and kids never lost faith. They refused to believe the doctors. And my husband’s reply to their doubt was, “You don’t know my God and what He can do!” Our family, church family and strangers across the country prayed, while doctors operated at least six times to remove the growing disease.

As the infection grew, blood flow to my extremities stopped. In order to save my life, amputation of both hands and both feet became necessary. I remember when they woke me up to notify me of their plans to amputate. Looking down at my black, dead hands, and understanding that without amputation I would not survive, I agreed, and was put back into the coma.

When I awoke, I found bandages where my hands and feet had been. As a Christian for half my life, I did the only thing that I could do, and that was to pray. Because I knew that only with guidance and strength from God was I going to successfully rebuild my life as a wife and mom.

I spent three months in that hospital plus a rehab facility, where I learned the basics of living as a quad amputee. I came home in time to watch our first born graduate from high school. The kids were all teenagers at the time, and had just been through the nightmare of their lives. Now I needed them to help me do everything that I had been doing for them for the past 18 years. So they took to it like the champs that they are.

My family and I figured out the systems we needed for me to get back into regular daily life. Soon I had prosthetic legs and was walking normally. Life went on. I’ll admit though, it took me a while (actually several years) to figure out ways to keep myself busy. The business I had been running at the time of my illness, no longer interested me. I often wondered why God allowed such a big tragedy in my life. I talked to God a lot about what His plans were for my future.

Fast forward 7 years. My daughter Megan decided that she wanted to go tubing down a nearby river and she wanted to take her mom. I questioned her logic at putting someone with no hands and feet, into an inner tube and floating her down the river. But she assured me that I would be safe and we would have an awesome time. She did not lie!

After some logistical complications, we settled into those inner tubes. She locked her arm around my tube to protect me from floating away, and we had the time of our lives. And it was at that moment I realized that I was so much more capable than I was giving myself credit for. We laughed about the adventure and made plans for many more.

That was the turning point in my life, my Check Your Game moment. I went from helpless, quadruple amputee, to someone who moved past her pity party. I had some strategy tools for overcoming at this point, and I was going to share those tools to help and inspire others. Shortly thereafter my blog, One Exceptional Life was born.

Many times when we face trauma or trials in our lives, it can cause us to doubt the strength of our faith. Through my website I provide encouragement and practical help to help others focus on their spiritual growth and their blessings, so the hard things that they face don’t seem so big. Then, they can rediscover peace and joy in their life.

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During the hardest times when I questioned why, I spent a lot of time in prayer and Bible study. I found that there are four keys for moving on, past my struggles. First is spiritual growth. I never blamed God for what happened because I always believed that He had a plan and that all things we're done for my good and God's glory. So I studied and prayed and grew spiritually. Secondly, I looked for the blessing in every silver lining. Gratitude plays a huge role in overcoming any obstacle. Instead of looking at the challenge, look for something to be thankful for.

Next is kindness. When we are feeling sorry for ourselves, saying or doing something kind for someone else will always change our mood. Plus, it helps somebody else who needs our help. Lastly, stay optimistic. Keeping a smile on our faces regardless of what's happening around us is critical to moving on. Negativity will never yield happiness. Smiling while walking with prosthetic legs and no hands, ( I do not use hand prosthetics,) inspires people. It's my job to give all glory to God and to be a great witness.

So now I understand why I was dealt these cards. Because there are many people who need encouragement and help during the biggest struggles of their lives. That is my gift.

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One Exceptional Life

Blogging, Christian Inspiration

My business is faith based. I use Biblical inspiration to provide blog posts and free and paid products to help bring you through the storms of life.

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When women face trauma or trials of life, it can cause them to doubt the strength of their faith. I provide encouragement and practical help to focus on their spiritual growth and blessings so the hard things they face don’t seem so big. Then they can rediscover peace and joy in their life. 

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Darci Steiner says:

Wendy, I was so happy to see your story here and learn more about you. You are very good at using your gift as your encouragement and kindness impacted me last week when we connected.

Yay to your family who knew God could do anything. And then God showed those doctors he could!

I’m thankful for your story, as your words have once again blessed me. You are an inspiration to emulate! I look forward to getting to know you better. God bless!

Thanks so much. Darci. It’s interesting how doctors always seem surprised when God shows up in big, powerful ways. But as His children, we never are. But like we’re told, solid faith, even the size of a mustard seed will go a long way.

James Barber says:

Amazing testimony. Needed to see this today. encouraging and challenging.

Praise God!

I’m so thankful my story provided encouragement for you. All glory to God for guiding my recovery and enabling me to move on. My desire is that I can continue to encourage others and be a great witness for Jesus in my ministry.

I Green says:

Awesome Outlook and inspiration.

Thank you. All glory to God!

Peggy Bodde says:

I am always inspired by your story and never tired of reading it. You give endless encouragement to others and glory to the God who clearly made you His incredible masterpiece. ❤️

Thank you so much, Peggy. I survived through the glorious grace of God! And as He has given me the gift of encouragement, I love passing it on.

Val Smith says:

Thank you Wendy. You are an inspiration.
Thank you for sharing.

I appreciate your reading my story, Valerie. Thank you!

jean rogers says:

Dear Wendy, Your story has touched me like no other. It actually made me cry as I’m also a mother, so I do understand to some degree. You are a beautiful example of someone who has trusted God despite your circumstances. Your precious daughter is a gift for you as she had it put on her heart for you to go together and float down the river (of life). A spiritual example might be like our Jesus wrapping His arms around you and saying, “I’ve got you Wendy…continue to trust Me.” Thank you for not giving up. You are an inspiration.

Marvae says:

I love seeing how God takes the incredibly hard things in our lives and turns them into amazing gifts. Thanks for sharing your story and being an inspiration! Blessings to you!

Thank you so much, Jean. My daughter is very precious to me, as our my boys. Your example of Jesus wrapping His arms is a great comfort. Trust me, I’ve got you! Exactly.

Thank you do much, Marvae. I appreciate your encouragement.

Susan says:

That’s my girl!

And for those that don’t know her in the realsies of life, this is the real true raw Wendy.

She is a joy and a true light in this world and to know her and talk to her and listen to her wisdom is to be blessed by Jesus.

He has given her a gift to bless and inspire and encourage and He has given us a gift in the blessing of her beautiful life!!!

JR Hoffman says:

Wendy Wallace has an amazing story. Thanks for the insight. She definitely makes you look at life with a different perspective. Having close family and friends is huge along with a relationship with Christ.

Gary Rogers says:

Wendy, I’m so thankful that I got to know you! Your story gives hope but it also encourages others and me to quit complaining about this or that in my life and just go for it! Instead of feeling sorry for myself or thinking that I didn’t have the chance to do this or that……I am reminded of you! “No more talk Gary. Get in the raft and go for it!”
Thanks again for sharing your story and glad we are connected and getting to know each other better, especially through our LI group. Thanks, Gary

I love it, Gary…get in the raft & go for it. I’m thankful we met too. You’re doing great things here. Keep blessing lives!

What a testimony! Thank God for your daughter and her courage to lead you into your pivot. Your spirit is inspiring. May God continue to richly bless you and your family. Blessings,
Dr. K.