Tisha Marie Enterprises, LLC

by Tisha Marie Pelletier

Business Consulting

Tisha Marie Enterprises helps entrepreneurs get started and level up their brand to stand out and make an impact through business mentoring, speaking, podcasting, online courses and live events. What makes TME different? We truly care about our clients and walk hand-in-hand with them through the process to find their success! We also provide a Startup Business Grant annually on September 15 (Tisha's birthday) to another startup to launch their brilliance into the world.

My typical customer

Startups who need mentoring, support and inspiration and entrepreneurs in very saturated industries who are stuck in their business and realize they need a personal brand.

Contact me

Phone: 480.570.2615
Email: tisha@tishamariepelletier.com

Visit my website: http://tishamarie.com

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The Happiness Breakthrough

by Dr. Mark Leonard

Performance Coaching and Consulting

I help entrepreneurs and dreamers accomplish their goals, live without regret, and inspire them to live a fearless life. Using the science of positive psychology and human capital, I help you achieve the greatness within you. My wife and I have owned several businesses, and have been in the top 3% of two different direct sales companies. We know what it takes to build your dreams and rise up to the best version of yourself!

My typical customer

Our typical customer is an entrepreneur or solopreneur who is working hard to achieve their goals and dreams. Somewhere along the way they ran into stress, fatigue, fear…something is impacting their ability to rise up and perform at their highest level.

As a successful entrepreneur and academic, I understand how to apply the science of personal development. Good coaches understand the science. Great coaches understand how to apply it in a way that develops and grows each week. Through a series of focused coaching sessions, we explore the habits of your success.
I am a coach who understand the entrepreneur. I have been there. My wife and I have owned several business - both brick and mortar as well as online. Late nights, early mornings, working and grinding 7 days a week. I remember the feeling of exhaustion…”How can I keep doing this?” Our goal was to have freedom.

Certified High Performance Coaching (TM) is an academically researched and proven method for performance improvement. Through a series of 12 coaching sessions, we build upon the habits of the world’s most successful.-Customer}

Contact me

Dr. Mark Leonard

Visit my website: https://www.thehappinessbreakthrough.com/home

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Working Upstream

by Johnny Clark

Coaching & Consulting

Working Upstream exists to help others win. We are about GIVING OURSELVES AWAY FOR THE ENCOURAGEMENT, TRAINING AND CELEBRATION OF THOSE AROUND US. Reach out if you want to discuss what Working Upstream would look like in your world.

My typical customer

Our typical customer is an executive that is in the service, retail or operations space.

Contact me

Johnny Clark

Visit my website: http://workingupstream.com/

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