Peggy Bodde

Business, Faith, Sports

After Peggy got kicked out from her adoptive family at age 13, she caught a glimpse of what Jesus looked like when she moved in with the Brown’s. BRAND NEW TRAILER INCLUDED with Peggy’s story!

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Jodi LaBelle

Business, Faith, Other

“My brother and I began praying more than ever because of our unsaved Uncle who adopted us.  He was a child abuser.” 

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Stephanie L. Mann

Faith, Parent

Stephanie Mann was just 15 years old when her Mom left her for a time in Mexico City all by herself. Included with a short written story is a trailer (1:57) and full video (20:22).

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Staci Diffendaffer


“I learned how to love—not conditionally, but freely, without fear.” Staci’s story is about overcoming many obstacles that stood in her way and prevented her from experiencing freedom and joy.

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