Fernando Arroyo

Faith, Other, Retired

“I applied pressure to the trigger and I heard a BOOM.” This story is about a retired Army vet who didn’t want to continue living.

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Dr. Joseph A Capps SR.

Business, Faith, Other, Parent

Dr. Joe made people, the Church and his education #1 in his life, but it was God who wanted the top spot. He shares candidly in written form as well as his video interview with minute markers for your convenience.

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Greg Roberts


Though Greg became a Christian at a younger age, he veered off the path and tried to fill a void with things that could never satisfy. After many years of God trying to get his attention, he finally “got it” after his neighbor invited him to a Bible Study Fellowship event.

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Jake Thompson

Business, Faith, Sports

Jake was In his mid 20’s when he was called out by his good friend while sitting on the couch with a handle of Vodka on a Wednesday night! Read more to find out how this night affected him in a positive way.

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Ray Noble

Retired, Sports

In Ray’s story, he talks about a time when he lost his keys and missed work. Learn more about how this situation finally motivated him to stop a bad habit that was destroying his life slowly.

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Katie Kish

Faith, Sports

In Katie’s story, she shares about her identity before and after she decided to put God first. For those that are having trouble finding contentment in life, Katie’s story is for you!

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