Cathy D. Dudley

Faith, Retired

Retirement- are you thinking about it, getting close or already there? Most of us can say yes to at least one of those parts in the question. Learn more about Cathy and how God had more in store for her instead of just propping up her feet.

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Douglas Knake


Ever been in a coma to wake up to pitch black along with sounds of hissing? Doug did. This story is about forgiveness, pride, sickness, relationships and love from GOD!

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Leigh Mackenzie

Faith, Other

“You can face your trauma, be free from your past, and know hope in God’s abounding love.” This story is one of sexual abuse that wasn’t discovered until much later in Leigh’s life.

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Amy Joob

Business, Faith, Parent, Student

The college party scene back in the early 90’s WAS NOT fulfilling Amy Joob! This story is about failure, family, and faith in God! Trailer, full video interview & written story below.

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Pastor Mark Sowersby


Mark experienced abuse in every way, shape and form. Learn how he finally was able to move the mountain by forgiving others with God’s help.

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Carol Strang

Business, Faith

“God brought in that season to me, awareness, fellowship, and much healing. I now have a good self-esteem and low anxiety. I am not afraid to try new things. I forgive those who might wrong me. I know that I’m created special.”

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