Heather Carter


God used Heather’s cancer in order to encourage others through her writing. Go to minute marker 14:30 to hear more (after her written story).

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Valerie Smith


Val’s story is of breast cancer, finances and relationships. “Our part is to stand in faith, stand on the promises of God and remind ourselves how he came through for us before, is the reassurance he will come through for us again.”

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Gerald Duran

Business, Faith

Gerald Duran, entrepreneur who experienced setback after setback, at his lowest point had only $9 in his bank account. For those entrepreneurs out there, this is for you!

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Craig Olson

Faith, Parent, Sports

This story is about a young couple who was challenged with brain cancer and how they were able to go through it together. Find out how their Faith was used to result in many great things.

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Rene Tunnell

Business, Faith, Family

Rene’s story is about courage, thinking of others, and making a difference in this world. The passing of her best friend and a bout with breast cancer couldn’t stop this special lady who currently works for Tim McGraw as Fan Club Administrator!

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Blake Southerland

Faith, Sports, Student

Blake shares about two events in his life (video/written story) that caused sadness and confusion. We get insight into the healing process after his brother Yusuf passed, as well as advice on communication; something he learned after 4 years of playing collegiate basketball.

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