Bill Rogers

Business, Faith, Parent, Retired, Sports

This story is about my Dad I interviewed a few months before he passed on October 16, 2019. He shares about his background of childhood, college/sports, family and work. This story is about a young boy who grew up in a messed up family but did his very best in life. In memory of my father, I’m recognizing businesses of character and integrity. We call it, Bill’s Corner!

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Ray Noble

Retired, Sports

In Ray’s story, he talks about a time when he lost his keys and missed work. Learn more about how this situation finally motivated him to stop a bad habit that was destroying his life slowly.

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Don Flint


In Coach Flint’s story, he shares how a former player was impacted by his life as a teacher and coach!

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Grady Rogers


In Grady’s story, he shares how he ran from playing football his Freshman year because of his fear of being skinny and weak. Learn about what happens as he finally acknowledges this area and improves in it.

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Dylan Kembre


In Dylan’s story, he shares about the decision to attend College based off of volleyball alone, only to regret it later!

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Coach Gary Shephard


In this story, find out what Coach Shephard did to achieve his life long dream of being a College Football Coach.

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