Douglas Knake


Ever been in a coma to wake up to pitch black along with sounds of hissing? Doug did. This story is about forgiveness, pride, sickness, relationships and love from GOD!

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Jodi LaBelle

Business, Faith, Other

“My brother and I began praying more than ever because of our unsaved Uncle who adopted us.  He was a child abuser.” 

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Stephanie L. Mann

Faith, Parent

Stephanie Mann was just 15 years old when her Mom left her for a time in Mexico City all by herself. Included with a short written story is a trailer (1:57) and full video (20:22).

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Missy Craft

Business, Faith, Parent, Sports, Student

5 minute trailer and 17 minute full video is included in Missy’s story that shares about adversity and how those experiences led her to a place of seeking God and finding Peace! She now runs a non-profit called Love Hope Ranch (equine therapy for vets, first responders and children) near Houston, TX.

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Sarah Geringer


We share a brief overview of her story, including her “Check Your Game moment,” followed up with our video interview with minute markers for your convenience. God brought Sarah through her “atomic bomb” experience and can do the same for you too!

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Tom Hammon


“After 29 years of marriage my wife decided to leave and start a new life.” Read to learn how God is still faithful, even in the messiness of life.

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