William McKissock

Business, Other

Thoughts of losing his job as a grass cutter when William worked for local government in Scotland was a major turning point in his life. This is a story of overcoming and using life lessons to find success as an entrepreneur!

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Gerald Duran

Business, Faith

Gerald Duran, entrepreneur who experienced setback after setback, at his lowest point had only $9 in his bank account. For those entrepreneurs out there, this is for you!

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Lisa Uhrik

Business, Faith

This entrepreneurial story is about a couple who purchased Franklin Fixtures, located in TN. Even when a $90,000 check showed up, their faith allowed them to stay the course where they learned that God makes the impossible, possible!

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Chavon Anette

Business, Nominated

Dr. Katrina Esau has been so encouraged by Chavon, that she wanted to celebrate her with this Nomination on the Check Your Game platform.

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Tisha Marie Pelletier

Business, Faith, Parent

Tisha learned a valuable lesson at a young age when a guest speaker in college was candid about the industry she had her heart set on. Learn about how she pivots in life and chose a path that made her Family, Faith and Health a priority.

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