Bill Rogers

Business, Faith, Parent, Retired, Sports

This story is about my Dad I interviewed a few months before he passed on October 16, 2019. He shares about his background of childhood, college/sports, family and work. This story is about a young boy who grew up in a messed up family but did his very best in life. In memory of my father, I’m recognizing businesses of character and integrity. We call it, Bill’s Corner!

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Jodi LaBelle

Business, Faith, Other

“My brother and I began praying more than ever because of our unsaved Uncle who adopted us.  He was a child abuser.” 

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Drew Johnson

Business, Faith

From 10:20- 10:40 in Drew’s video interview, Drew shares about reexamining his life on a personal level after seeing only a nurse and the good Lord in the room at 3am due to his heart attack!

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Lisa Uhrik

Business, Faith

This entrepreneurial story is about a couple who purchased Franklin Fixtures, located in TN. Even when a $90,000 check showed up, their faith allowed them to stay the course where they learned that God makes the impossible, possible!

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Melissa Robinson


Sexual abuse at an early age pushed Melissa to trust females; eventually turning into relationships. This story is one of faith and how God filled a big hole and healed her heart!

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Dr. Katrina Esau


From PROM DATE to INFIDELITY! Dr. Katrina encourages others with her story of faith and how she was able to stop a generational curse that went back three generations!

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