Karen Marie Pennington

Faith, Other

“So in a nutshell, I quite unexpectedly lost my house, my car, my laptop, my phone, my husband and my future all in one week.” Today, Karen is happy and fulfilled. Find out how!

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Valerie Smith


Val’s story is of breast cancer, finances and relationships. “Our part is to stand in faith, stand on the promises of God and remind ourselves how he came through for us before, is the reassurance he will come through for us again.”

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Lisa Uhrik

Business, Faith

This entrepreneurial story is about a couple who purchased Franklin Fixtures, located in TN. Even when a $90,000 check showed up, their faith allowed them to stay the course where they learned that God makes the impossible, possible!

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Marcus Wilson


Marcus shares his story about no father figure growing up, being financially strapped and lacked intimate guidance at home.

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