Jessica Milo

Business, Faith

In Jessica’s story, she shares how she gave up living the life of a young girl to humbly and lovingly help with her sister that needed the attention around the clock. This story is one of Faith and Love but also one that gave motivation for Jessica to want to help others dealing with a similar situation in a Memoir she just wrote a Summer ago.

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Becky Harper

Nominated, Sports

The President of Reading/Lockland Youth Football, Steve Fletcher, nominates Becky Harper who has been a servant leader in her community for many years. Read about how Becky helps wherever there’s a need. Please share your comments below if you have a story to share about Becky.

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Jamie Winborn

Retired, Sports

In Jamie’s story, this 10 year veteran in the NFL shares how about how changes and decisions in his life led him to a place of humility that put him on a better path in life!

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Johnny Noyen

Business, Faith, Sports, Student

In Johnny’s story, he shares how he went from the verge of quitting football his Sophomore Year, to taking his team to the State Final Four the next year and eventually playing Collegiately at the University of Dayton.

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Paul McCallum


With over 24 years of playing professional football, Paul has some great wisdom for all. He shares a few things. First, about taking his job more seriously after he was released from a team, and secondly, he shares about being a role model to others.

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Abby Williams


Abby’s shares how she had always been an understated player but she used that situation to work hard and find other ways to contribute to her team like leadership.

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