Theophilus Zhuang

Business, Faith, Parent

“I had to have a personal discovery,” when Gary asks him about what advice he’d want to give to others. Theophilus shares about his Canadian roots, living in Venezuela while his parents were a part of missionary work and his time in China as he experienced one of the best summers ever because of some kids from Texas.

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Kyvin Goodin-Rogers

Faith, Sports

This is a quick glimpse into the life of Kyvin the basketball player who discovered God after many tough years dealing with injury and depression. If you want to learn more about her, she has a book she wrote called More Than Just a Game: Overcoming Adversity.

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Katie Kish

Faith, Sports

In Katie’s story, she shares about her identity before and after she decided to put God first. For those that are having trouble finding contentment in life, Katie’s story is for you!

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Anna Farello


Anna shares how she is using all the things she’s experienced in athletics to make a difference in other kids’ lives through her continued eduacation in grad school.

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