Vanessa Ruck


“If you’d asked me 7 years ago whether I would be racing off-road motorcycles I’d have probably choked on my drink!” Learn how Vanessa was forced to take a new path after a car ran a red light and hit her.

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Jeff Prifti

Business, Sports, Student

In Jeff’s story we find out how he responds to an injury during his Senior year while playing High-School football.

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Kyvin Goodin-Rogers

Faith, Sports

This is a quick glimpse into the life of Kyvin the basketball player who discovered God after many tough years dealing with injury and depression. If you want to learn more about her, she has a book she wrote called More Than Just a Game: Overcoming Adversity.

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Eric Sutton


In Eric’s story, learn about the time his HS coach told him that he couldn’t quit and how that impacted his life, especially after his injury in sports!

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Wyatt Linde

Faith, Sports

In Wyatt’s story, he learns through injury, that it’s not all about him! He also learns about Team, the big picture and trusting God with the best plan and best path for his life.

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Jon Warden


In this story, Jon Warden shares how he thought he’d make a career out of playing with the Detroit Tigers, but with an injury to his pitching arm things would change.

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