Karen Marie Pennington

Faith, Other

“So in a nutshell, I quite unexpectedly lost my house, my car, my laptop, my phone, my husband and my future all in one week.” Today, Karen is happy and fulfilled. Find out how!

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Staci Diffendaffer


“I learned how to love—not conditionally, but freely, without fear.” Staci’s story is about overcoming many obstacles that stood in her way and prevented her from experiencing freedom and joy.

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Marnie Swedberg

Business, Faith

In Marnie’s story, we learn what she did when watching her “baby” slowly dying in front of her eyes. Though this was only a dream, it would become very real with her business. This story can be watched by video (link in story) or read below.

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Stacey Siekman

Business, Faith, Parent, Sports

In Stacey’s story, you can watch her video interview or read her story about a time when she watched her Mom pass away before her eyes. Learn more about how her business, Balanced Body Reflections got started through this process.

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Gary Rogers

Business, Faith, Sports

In my story, I share how God used a rock bottom moment back in 1996 that instigated the 3 words I put together for my business that I use to encourage others.

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