Lea Tran


“The journey encompassed starvation, dehydration, and four pirate’s assaults while crossing the vast South China Sea in a dilapidated boat.” Learn more about Lea and how she is now thriving even though her journey as an immigrant to the U.S wasn’t easy!

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William McKissock

Business, Other

Thoughts of losing his job as a grass cutter when William worked for local government in Scotland was a major turning point in his life. This is a story of overcoming and using life lessons to find success as an entrepreneur!

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Jaleh Siyan

Faith, Family

Being forced to leave your country because of one’s faith isn’t easy for anyone. Jaleh shares a quick story and great advice after she left Iran back in 1987.

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Lea Tran

Business, Nominated

Sara Im was encouraged by an amazing story that started out when Lea Tran was a refugee in Vietnam.

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Larry Thompson


Overcoming obstacles seems to be the common theme with Larry’s story. He made the CFL at age 19 and continued playing for a total of 12 years but it wasn’t an easy road; especially after getting shot in two places.

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Clayton Hicks

Business, Faith, Parent

In Clayton’s story, he shares both by video (12/20) and written story (2019) about how his faith in God was the solution, as he navigated through the many obstacles of life, especially in the video where he shares about Covid.

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