Aurilla Wilson

Sports, Student

In Aurilla’s story, she shares how her friend and mentor played a huge role in her life as she began a career in Cross Country/Track, eventually helping her to land at the University of Louisville.

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David Guzik


In David’s story, after accepting the Lord at 13, we learn how he used his “gifts and talents” in order to do something much bigger than he ever thought by encouraging millions of poeple.

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John Brown


In John’s story, he shares how he didn’t let others tell him that he couldn’t achieve his dream of playing D1 football!

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Dan Kronauge


Dan shares about the concept of Time as in putting in the hours into your sport!

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Troy Tuck


What’s life look like after sports in College? Troy talks about this subject in his story and is also the reason why he created Game Plan, the non-profit to help others in a similar situation.

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