Bo Cordell

Faith, Sports

Though depression shows up in Bo’s life, his relationship with the Lord was stronger. This is a story of faith, overcoming, encouragement and patience. Bo eventually learned how God’s path is always best.

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Michael Littler

Business, Faith

Mike was chasing titles at work as well as relationships that could never satisfy his soul. Don’t miss from 3:45- 7:21 and see how God intervened in Mike’s life.

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Business, Faith

After many years of searching for purpose, Filipe and his wife were encouraged to bring a program back to their country (Brazil) where they could impact others eternally.

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Sherry Jones


The story: “CHURCH GIRL” meets PRISONER!

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Justin Terry

Business, Student

In Justin’s story, he learned quickly upon graduation from college that his dream job didn’t meet expectations. He literally changed directions by moving 1000 miles to Tampa, FL where he would eventually find a job that was a much better fit.

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Reagan Gensiejewski

Faith, Sports, Student

In Reagan’s story, she shares how she’s forced to learn about patience, starting in the 7th grade when she was cut in softball. Find out more about how she responds to what seems to be setback’s, but turns into blessings as she trusts in the Lord.

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