Paul Morgan

Business, Sports

In Paul’s story, he shares how he grew up in poverty but through the positive support around him, he had the chance to play football in College and Professionaly. Learn how he is using his business to help others.

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Clayton Hicks

Business, Faith, Parent

In Clayton’s story, find out about how his Faith in God led him to create and own the 2nd largest networking organization in the country after losing almost everything.

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Scott Draud


Scott shares his story about being humbled at the next level in College basketball. Through it all, he is able to get his Master’s Degree after making the decision to be red-shirted all while having a great College career.

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Trey Champagne


After not being able to pay his mortgage, Trey shares about humility and his appreciation of having any opportunity to work.

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Amanda (Smith) Melnick


While you may think your sport is your whole identity, it is not! You are you(more than just an athlete), so try to explore that a bit more. I took my sport very seriously, but almost too seriously. I didn’t know who I was outside of swimming or I thought I was just “Amanda the swimmer.” Because of that mindset, I did not let myself have a lot of fun and relax! And sometimes being an athlete just like a bore/chore, and so many days I dreaded going to practice and thoughts about quitting a lot. I look back and can’t believe I wasted that brain energy because I couldn’t cut myself some slack here and there. Being an athlete is truly the best years of your life, so try to relax, soak in all those moments with your teammates and coaches, and not take yourself so seriously. I found that my most successful races where the ones I didn’t put the pressure on myself or take so seriously. And now in my “adult life” I find I do the best in interviews or with friends in that same mindset; where I just relax, enjoy the moment and have fun. I’d do anything to go back to some of my biggest moments I took too seriously and redo them with this knowledge I gained post-career!

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