Leigh Mackenzie

Faith, Other

“You can face your trauma, be free from your past, and know hope in God’s abounding love.” This story is one of sexual abuse that wasn’t discovered until much later in Leigh’s life.

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Pastor Mark Sowersby


Mark experienced abuse in every way, shape and form. Learn how he finally was able to move the mountain by forgiving others with God’s help.

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Dr. Joseph A Capps SR.

Business, Faith, Other, Parent

Dr. Joe made people, the Church and his education #1 in his life, but it was God who wanted the top spot. He shares candidly in written form as well as his video interview with minute markers for your convenience.

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Chavon Anette

Business, Faith

Nominated by Dr. Katrina Esau, we’re excited that Chavon has shared her story of transformation. Don’t miss out on how God took her from the wrong direction to the right direction, beginning with her as a baby in her mother’s womb.

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Melissa Robinson


Sexual abuse at an early age pushed Melissa to trust females; eventually turning into relationships. This story is one of faith and how God filled a big hole and healed her heart!

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