Barbara Hansen

Business, Faith, Other

“When I chose to face & forgive the pastor, God began to release decade’s of pain! At that moment I realized forgiveness would never erase my past but could become my passionate purpose…”

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Lea Tran


“The journey encompassed starvation, dehydration, and four pirate’s assaults while crossing the vast South China Sea in a dilapidated boat.” Learn more about Lea and how she is now thriving even though her journey as an immigrant to the U.S wasn’t easy!

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Vanessa Ruck


“If you’d asked me 7 years ago whether I would be racing off-road motorcycles I’d have probably choked on my drink!” Learn how Vanessa was forced to take a new path after a car ran a red light and hit her.

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Tisha Marie Pelletier

Business, Faith, Parent

Tisha learned a valuable lesson at a young age when a guest speaker in college was candid about the industry she had her heart set on. Learn about how she pivots in life and chose a path that made her Family, Faith and Health a priority.

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Marnie Swedberg

Business, Faith

In Marnie’s story, we learn what she did when watching her “baby” slowly dying in front of her eyes. Though this was only a dream, it would become very real with her business. This story can be watched by video (link in story) or read below.

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Dr. Harold Shinitzky


This story is about Doctor Shinitzky, a sports psychologist, reflecting on life as a young 13 old kid who made the decision to help others after seeing a group of children at the HARC Center.

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