Courtney Fraser

Faith, Other

“I have learned how strong God has created me to be.” Just before her 4th birthday, Courtney was hiking in the park with her parents when a dead tree fell on her head. She shares her story in a trailer, full video interview and written story below.

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DeVante Henton


Want to know how we were able to find DeVante Henton in order to share his story about getting hit in the head by a bullet from an AK-47? We’ve included his written story, a 5 minute trailer that shows you our process as well as DeVante’s full video. This story is about giving God the glory!

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Susan Louise Gabriel

Faith, Parent

“When we didn’t give in to pressure, I lost custody of my daughter and my husband was charged with a felony that carried a 16-year prison sentence.”

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Angela Borges


After years of trying to look good, feel good and be respected, she finally gave it over to Jesus, and was able to discover Peace.

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Staci Diffendaffer


“I learned how to love—not conditionally, but freely, without fear.” Staci’s story is about overcoming many obstacles that stood in her way and prevented her from experiencing freedom and joy.

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John Dewitt


John’s story deals with many interesting things as an athlete from working hard in the weight room, to a kidney injury, to State Champs back to being undersized at the next level. He also shares about his best friend and how he wasn’t able to deal with his injury and so he ended his life with suicide. This story is an up and down roller coaster that ultimately has some great results.

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