Larry Thompson


Overcoming obstacles seems to be the common theme with Larry’s story. He made the CFL at age 19 and continued playing for a total of 12 years but it wasn’t an easy road; especially after getting shot in two places.

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Wyatt Linde

Faith, Sports

In Wyatt’s story, he learns through injury, that it’s not all about him! He also learns about Team, the big picture and trusting God with the best plan and best path for his life.

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Louis E. Wooldridge


This story is about a subject that many people have to deal with and that’s the concept of TEAM. Find out how Louis dealt with this change in his position and how that allowed him to grow as a person.

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Kyle Decker


In Kyle’s video interview, he discusses business, sports, family, humility and what he did when his eyes were opened to his health! Below the video interview, you can read about Kyle being a Big Fish in a small pond before he played football at Miami University.

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Allison Morris Head


This story is about being selfish in a team sport. This isn’t an easy story to read if you can relate, but there’s a great result that can happen for you too!

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