Michael Littler

Business, Faith

Mike was chasing titles at work as well as relationships that could never satisfy his soul. Don’t miss from 3:45- 7:21 and see how God intervened in Mike’s life.

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Eddie Brown

Business, Faith, Other

“Reared by compassionate parents and mentored by selfless neighbors like a local foster mother who cared for drug-addicted babies, I realized before adulthood that I should actively care for the most vulnerable.”

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Jean Rogers

Faith, Retired

In Jean’s (Mom’s) story, we learn about God’s Faithfulness in order for her to be more dependent on Him and not on people.

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Marnie Swedberg

Business, Faith

In Marnie’s story, we learn what she did when watching her “baby” slowly dying in front of her eyes. Though this was only a dream, it would become very real with her business. This story can be watched by video (link in story) or read below.

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Ginger Terrell

Business, Faith

It now makes sense why Ginger is all about helping and serving others today after reading her story! Learn why she had to cling to her Faith in God after leaving Corporate America and moving into the Entrepreneurial space where she is a part of The Referrals Group.

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