Bo Cordell

Faith, Sports

Though depression shows up in Bo’s life, his relationship with the Lord was stronger. This is a story of faith, overcoming, encouragement and patience. Bo eventually learned how God’s path is always best.

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Jodi LaBelle

Business, Faith, Other

“My brother and I began praying more than ever because of our unsaved Uncle who adopted us.  He was a child abuser.” 

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Pastor Mark Sowersby


Mark experienced abuse in every way, shape and form. Learn how he finally was able to move the mountain by forgiving others with God’s help.

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Stephanie L. Mann

Faith, Parent

Stephanie Mann was just 15 years old when her Mom left her for a time in Mexico City all by herself. Included with a short written story is a trailer (1:57) and full video (20:22).

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Barbara Hansen

Business, Faith, Other

“When I chose to face & forgive the pastor, God began to release decade’s of pain! At that moment I realized forgiveness would never erase my past but could become my passionate purpose…”

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Missy Craft

Business, Faith, Parent, Sports, Student

5 minute trailer and 17 minute full video is included in Missy’s story that shares about adversity and how those experiences led her to a place of seeking God and finding Peace! She now runs a non-profit called Love Hope Ranch (equine therapy for vets, first responders and children) near Houston, TX.

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