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“Peggy Bodde has generously encouraged me since the day we connected. She is an overcomer who stepped away from a prestigious position as a business world leader to follow her dream of writing. Peggy realized that there was a deep need for Christian women to be mentored in the workplace. She decided to fill that need by creating an online presence where women could be mentored for free. Peggy is smart, kind, and offers helpful advice. She deserves to be recognized.” Staci Diffendaffer

Click here to read the story of Staci who NOMINATED Peggy.


Peggy, more people need to hear your story. I know it will offer hope, inspiration, and guidance to those who can relate to your struggles. I was really encouraged by the comments from people who said how much my story helped them.


Peggy, this is Gary Rogers, Founder of Check Your Game. We are excited that you've been Nominated. Also, we will not share this Nomination over social media, although it will remain on the Nominations page unless you tell us to take it down. I also would love to tell you more about who we are, what we do and if you believe in what we're doing, would love for you to share your story on our site. We can get on a call, zoom or email so I can share with you the process and what you can expect through our story-telling experience. Feel free to connect with me by phone, text or email. 513-310-9476 or Thanks, Gary Rogers

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