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20 second trailer–  “I became so broken that only Jesus could fix me.”

55 second trailer–   “The problem with being the plastic princess is that when the fire comes, everything melts.”

53 second trailer–   “I obviously did not grown up in a Christian home.”

Trailer Video Interview (4:14)

Full Video Interview (15:42)

I held my breath watching the Olympic gymnasts’ abuse testimony before Congress, bracing myself against a PTSD episode of my own in response.

Weinstein, Epstein, Hefner, Cosby… names that represent mankind’s disturbing sin reverberate within me. Many stories remain deeply hidden, scarring the souls of the abused and their abusers. Questions arise: How could this happen? Where was God? Is Jesus enough?

She Seems So Normal looks straight into the life of a woman uncovering her own long-hidden, heinous abuse. The picture of “put together Plastic Princess” on the outside, inside she’s dying, believing the enemy’s lies, and wondering what’s wrong with her faith. What she finds–through Jesus, mentors, and the work of the Holy Spirit–are avenues of recovery and restoration for her anxiety, trauma, and shame. You can face your trauma, be free from your past, and know hope in God’s abounding love.

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Advice: You are not alone in your hard story of trauma. There is hope because there's help. Jesus is the master of impossible resurrections--He helped me so He can help you or your loved one, too.

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Leigh Mackenzie--author, podcaster, speaker/teacher, Bible researcher. Expert in predatory grooming and practical trauma coping mechanisms.

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Trauma survivors, Moms, Bible study participants, Church leadership

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Peggy says:

Leigh! Your joy for the Lord and heart for Him shine through the darkness of what you’ve survived. “Jesus is the master of impossible resurrections.” Powerful words from a survivor who has lived them.

I’m sorry for what you’ve endured and I commend you for talking about it to help move God’s Kingdom forward. Keep writing and keep shining!

Charline says:

Thank you for sharing Leigh. Thank you Gary for another gem story of inspiration. Sometimes you go through the motions, emotions and symptoms until the day the Lord gives the label of Trauma. God bless🙇‍♀️

Katie Rudolph says:

I deeply resonate with your story, Leigh. Thank you so much for your bravery to speak your story and help others. Jesus is the Great Physician! Amen, read your Bible every day – our daily. May God bless you and keep you.

Dude. I can’t even…

Just watched these videos you produced from all the crazy ground we covered in our fabulous interview.


You’re amazing. God is amazing through you. I’m humbled to tears and so honored by your gifts and work. Please please please let me know how I can best serve your ministry.

—leigh xoxo